Spores Network

Spores Network is an NFT Ecosystem that is powered through a curated marketplace - Art, Gaming, and Entertainment – that is combined with a GameFi launchpad and enhanced through a proprietary games publishing platform activating IDO, IGO, and INO opportunities.

Spores enables artists, content creators, and brands to activate the Metaverse (Web3) by bridging digital and physical experiences.
Everything we do is from the lens of being Asian influenced with Global Reach.

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What We Offer

“A unique space for personal expression. Digital art no longer just exist on a wallet but comes to life to be seen and enjoyed.

Truly an immersive digital & physical experience, Web3 style.”

For Collectors & Art Enthusiasts

  • Immerse yourself in our temporary and permanent world-famous digital art exhibition.

  • Explore and enjoy digital artwork from Spores featured and emerging artists in their full glory and scale.

  • See something you like? Make a purchase on Spores Marketplace with just a click of a button!

  • There is a direct link to purchase and as a gallery showcase you have an opportunity to enhance profits as well as control ownership rights through sale of NFTs.

For NFT Collectors and Traders

  • Spores’ upcoming loyalty program will allow you to own and host your exhibition space where you can show off your impressive collection.

  • Your epic NFTs no longer just stay on a digital wallet but come to life to be seen and celebrated.

  • Our direct purchase solution will allow a seamless transition between browsing and buying, making it easier to collect/trade NFTs.

For NFT and Art Enthusiasts

  • République gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in an artist's story and more deeply connect with the work through a meta gallery experience.

  • Explore and enjoy digital artwork from Spores famous, featured, and emerging artists in full scale as the artist intended.

For Brands

  • Celebrate and promote your brand, Web3 style.

  • Offer customers a full retail experience through the République by leveraging rooms as storefronts with a supporting NFT marketplace in the backend for check out.

How It Works

République is a dramatic, immersive gallery with an expansive outdoor sculpture garden, including 5 separate wings for our 3 verticals – Art, Games, and Entertainment.
At each auditorium, you can view the educational videos and documentaries from curators & artists about each exhibit. You can take a virtual walk in the gallery, courtesy of the 3D metaverse gallery view, and you can also make a purchase for your desired NFT upon entering.


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